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About Us

The HomeTown Saver was created with a simple purpose – to connect local businesses with the consumers surrounding their business.

The Home Town Saver  is a direct mail advertising publication that puts your company’s message directly into the hands of thousands of local residents that need and want your services and products.   Each month we mail thousands of  copies of the HomeTown Saver to neighborhoods surrounding your business. Each edition of The HomeTown Saver features beautiful, professionally designed ads featuring local businesses, as well as fun and engaging content.


Our Winning Formula



With The HomeTown Saver your business will be the exclusive advertiser for your business category! This means your message stands alone without interference or confusion from your competition. Talk about giving your business an edge!



This allows your message to have the greatest impact without fear of your ad getting stuffed in an envelope with fifty competing ads or your message being drowned out by  age after page of advertisements in the ad magazines



No more fumbling through dozens of coupons stuffed in an envelope or flipping through page after page in a magazine. Our publication has a simple layout that makes it easy for people to browse



The Home Town Saver has actual content to keep readers engaged. In addition to the great offers from our advertisers, our publication features the funniest and most unusual stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and much more.

Why Direct Mail

5 Reasons to still choose direct mail

Direct mail is a Proven method with proven results

Direct mail isn’t a new or experimental advertising method. Direct mail has been proven to be effective for decades.

Direct mail is the perfect complement

Even though direct mail on its own is highly effective and delivers results, pairing your direct mail campaign distribution with a digital advertising program will increase your exposure and your response even more.

Direct mail is becoming less common

Why is that a good thing for your direct-mail campaign? When fewer marketers are sending mail, your piece has a higher chance of standing out.

Direct mail is tangible

Since direct mail is tangible, it sticks around. If your direct mail piece has a special offer, most people will save it for future use and then they won’t be able to forget about it.

Direct mail gets undivided attention

When you open the mailbox and pull out a small stack of letters, you won’t throw away any of the mail without at least glancing at it first